Best Tips for Great Bathroom Remodel

Listed below are the tips that can help your bathroom become more attractive after remodeling while keeping the entire process cost-effective, efficient, and smooth at the same time. Read below for more info: 

Incorporate freestanding pieces 

If there are still room bathrooms, a lot of bathrooms remodel contractors suggest homeowners have one freestanding piece like a cupboard or a decorative chair as a design element. You can then move the clothes hamper to another room or recess other practical elements in your bathroom to compensate for that area. Indeed, such decorative pieces can be practically used as a place where you can store small items in your bathroom like soaps, towels, etc. 

Choose the correct flooring 

While solid wood floorings incorporate a great character into bathrooms, they aren’t the greatest flooring material type for bathrooms, practically speaking. Rather, choose a flooring that’s durable enough that can endure the daily traffic in your bathroom. Some of the best bathroom floorings are sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl plank, porcelain, and ceramic tile. 

Add plants for living color 

It’s a no-brainer that plants are great as an addition for bathrooms. They can also provide the much-needed color into hygienic bathrooms. Think about incorporating a floating shelf, which will give your trailing plants a comfortable home. 

Address bathroom ventilation 

All bathroom requires some kind of ventilation, by code, regardless if it’s in a form of a bathroom exhaust fan or a properly sized window. In terms of bathroom fans, make sure to check both their noise levels or their exhaust capacity. 

Bathroom lighting is key 

Most of the time, lighting tends to be very concentrated and dim only in one spot of your bathroom where people need to visually check their faces and hair. This light always comes from a ceiling fixture. To make sure that your bathroom is well lit, you can choose to add lighting around your bathroom mirror in the form of sconces. However, other people don’t like to have blinding lights. For that, you can use a dimmer switch, which is a very straightforward device that adds mood to your bathroom. This device is ideal for relaxing baths during late nights.   

Recess for additional room 

If the space is very tight like tiny bathrooms, built-ins like toilet roll holders, medicine cabinets, and recessed soap dishes pry out as much accessible room as possible. To resolve that, you can convert your ceiling light to a recessed light to flatten the ceiling light. 

Use color to adjust the room size 

If you want the majestic small bathroom remodel Seminole FL to make your bathroom appear bigger, see to it that your choice of color palette will be within the light-or-white color spectrum. Keep in mind that dark colors can cause any room to feel claustrophobic and smeller. Instead, consider using light or white-colored fixtures, for example, your bathtub and toilet. You have to think twice about painting the ceiling of your bathroom with any color other than white or off-white because this can usually cause your room to shrink down even more.